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Residential Air Duct Cleaning Services Ottawa & Gatineau

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Residential Duct Cleaning
Pro Duct Cleaning Solutions offers duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services for our dedicated customers in Ottawa and the surrounding area, including Kanata, Manotick, Orleans, Gatineau, Aylmer, Hull, Stittsville, and Rockland.

Please note that our prices and time estimates vary case by case, and depend on factors such as the type of ductwork in your home, system accessibility, contamination level, the number of crew members required to perform your service, and additional environmental factors.

Please reach out to us about your property, and we will offer a fair quote and a reasonable time estimate for our meticulous duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services.
Healthy Home Package
Includes Cleaning of 10 Vents
$5 per Extra Vent
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Our Duct Cleaning Process
Duct cleaning is a routine process, and Pro Duct Cleaning Solutions has all the knowledge and expertise to perform the service effectively and efficiently. We have a thorough understanding of the duct system and its individual components, and our goal is to leave you happy and your ductwork clean at the end of every visit. What can you expect from our air duct cleaning service? Better-circulating air, clearer ductwork, and a more efficient HVAC system. The globally recognized National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) claims that in a standard six-room house, up to 40 pounds of dust accumulates each year. And indoor air, which is often jam-packed with dust and contaminants, circulates most buildings five to seven times each day. 

This is where Pro Duct Cleaning Solutions can help. We will discuss the specifics of your case, identify your contamination source, and work safely to clear and improve your air ducts .In order to guarantee Ottawans’ safety, we install a filter over the openings of your air duct system in order to capture dust after every cleaning. We only perform our service when your building is unoccupied, residential or commercial, and we will gladly accommodate night and weekend air duct cleanings for those who are on a strict daytime schedule. Note that we don’t use biocides or other lasting hazardous materials, and we always consult with building occupants in order to customize our service in a way that suits their medical and general needs. 

Our technique, which involves a combination of vacuuming and compressed air, is safe, effective, and bound to please. By attaching high-end duct cleaning vacuums to the supply and return lines of your HVAC system, Pro Duct Cleaning Solutions has a meticulous process — and our customers have complete confidence in our abilities. We will remove vent covers as necessary, collect all contaminants and pollutants in your ductwork with our powerful vacuums, and leave your residential or commercial property looking like new upon completion of our service. You won’t even know we were there! (That is, aside from your visibly clearer ductwork and the better-quality air circulating your indoor space.) 

For both residential and commercial properties, occupants are encourages to schedule air duct cleanings every three to six years. If you smoke, suffer from allergies, own a pet, or have recently remodeled your home, then your HVAC system is probably accumulating extra dust and debris, and you will likely need to schedule more regular air duct cleanings.