5 Easy Steps to Install a Furnace Humidifier

December 16, 2018
Furnace and HVAC

Fast and easy way is to install a furnace humidifier to increase your home comfort in the Ottawa region.

The process of installing a humidifier on a furnace to protect your family from dry air is relatively easy, to install this system, a hot or cold water pipe is needed nearby, this is where the main stack of a forced-air furnace is typically connected to, in order to draw water. Some of these humidifiers are heated by the supply air, they add moisture to the surrounding air because they are installed in the return-air duct. The other type of installation process uses a bypass duct in their humidifier in other to move heated air and in the process reintroduce to the air going to the house.

Manufacturers produce a template in which holes can be cut out in the venting when carrying out the installation for either of these systems. In these systems make sure you shut off the furnace before you start, then the Cutting of holes, installation of the humidifier and marking of the template will take about two hours.


Step 1

Marking of the Hole

This process makes the use of a felt-up marker in other to drill a hole in which the humidifier is been installed, this is usually done with the use of templates and instruction provided by the manufacturers. To start with the outline is drilled at the corner, then with the instruction from the manufacturer hole is cut out with aviation snips. Before drilling the screwed hole, the mounting plate must be in position, then it is attached to a mounting plate with sheet metal screws.

Step 2

Mark outline of the humidistat

The instruction manual from the manufacturer is used to know the location of the humidistat (most are usually connected on the cold air plenum). then the unit of the outline is marked out and the hole is cut out.

Step 3

Install humidistat

Following the instruction in the manufacturer’s manual, connect the humidistat to the furnace control to install the humidistat mounting plate and attach the unit. Some unit makes use of a step-down transformer, shut down the power if you haven’t done the wiring. then you can wire the humidistat and install the transformer.


Connect Humidifier

On the humidistat, attach the humidistat to the solenoid valve using the correct size of the nut, attach the nuts and the wire ends and turn the nuts till they become tight ( but do not twist the ends of the wire).


Run Line to Humidifier

The installation of a saddle valve on a water line is necessary if local codes allow the tapping of water line directly, and then run a line to the humidifier, afterward use the compression fitting to make it speedy. The saddle valve may not be allowed to turn off the water line and install at-fitting. then you can Install a Bypass Vent (Optional).

Install a Furnace Humidifier
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