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Pro Duct Solutions provides top quality in-floor heating in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We use only the highest quality equipment and hot water boilers to create efficient and functional in-floor heating for our Ottawa area clients.

In-floor heating is created using a series of tubes through which hot water flows. This creates a heated floor and is incredible for those who like to go barefoot in the winter. When you combine in-floor heating with your pre-existing furnace heating, you can create the optimal solution for staying cozy throughout a harsh Ottawa winter.

Pro Duct Solutions has experience creating layouts for new in-floor heating systems. They can design a system that works for your unique home and other requirements. When you contact Pro Ducts solutions for in-floor heating in Ottawa, you can rest assured that every aspect of the design and installation is being done by the same highly qualified team.

Still want to know a little more about in floor heating in Ottawa? See below for the answers to some commonly asked questions.  

How much does it cost to run in floor heating in Ottawa?

The cost for in floor heating varies by surface area, type of boiler, and intended usage. For example, it’s going to cost more if you’re heating a living room versus just a bathroom. Generally speaking, however, in floor heating is a highly efficient form of Ottawa home heating.

There is a higher installation cost than other forms of heating, as the technician will need to take up your flooring to access the installation area. Installation also requires more skill and labour than other types of heating systems. A good way to save money on the installation is to have it done when you are already planning to re-do your floors.

What you spend in the one-time investment of in floor heating installation, you’ll get back in energy savings. In floor heating also requires less maintenance than a ducted heat system, especially when you have it professionally installed by Pro Duct Solutions.

Will a heated floor heat a room?

In floor heating is perfectly capable of heating a room.

It will depend on things like the size of the room, the age of your home, and the layout of your living areas. In floor heating will have no problem heating the entirety of a large bathroom in a modern home but might struggle with a master bedroom in a drafty, old home.

Of course, in floor can always be helped out by furnace heating. There is no feeling quite like heated floors, Pro Duct Solutions can help you find the right in floor and furnace heating for any Ottawa area home.

How long do heated floors last?

Approximately 35 years!

High quality in floor heating can last around 35 years, which is much longer than a furnace heating system. So, while it is more expensive to install in floor heating, it lasts over twice as long. One important thing to remember about in floor heating in Ottawa, is that the system should be installed by qualified professionals, like the trained technicians at Pro Duct Solutions.

What kind of flooring is best for in floor heating?


Tile and stone flooring make the best choice for in floor heating, this is one of the reasons that in floor heating is often installed in bathrooms. That, and the delightful feeling of stepping out of the shower onto a nice, toasty floor.

Flooring with a higher level of conductivity, like tile and stone, allows the heat transfer to happen quickly. These types of flooring also hold heat better than wood floors, which allows for higher efficiency and lower energy bills.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t put heated floors under wood flooring, but you will have to be more careful about the type of wood you use, some wood flooring doesn’t handle the heat as well.

Whatever the situation in your Ottawa area home, Pro Duct Solutions can find an in-floor heating solution that will work for your home and your budget. Call us today to book an appointment and get an affordable quote. When it comes to in floor heating, Ottawa is home to the top experts at Pro Duct Solutions.

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