Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

Much to the disappointment of Ontario homeowners, the popular Green Ontario Fund was discontinued in 2018. However, that doesn’t mean that you are left without options when it comes to rebates for updating the energy efficiency of your home and HVAC appliances.

At Pro Duct Solutions, we’ve researched some of the other options you have as a homeowner to save money while upgrading the energy efficiency of your home. We have a large amount of experience helping customers across the Ottawa and Gatineau area reduce their environmental impact as well as their energy bills.

Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate

If you are an Enbridge customer heating your home with a gas furnace and live in a detached, semi-detached, or row townhouse then you are eligible for the Home Efficiency rebate.

Here’s how the process works;

1. Your home will be assessed for its current level of energy efficiency. A registered energy advisor will do an inspection of your home and appliances and will give your home a total energy efficiency score.

2. You then decide which of the energy efficient upgrades you wish to do on your home. Each different kind of upgrade has its own rebate amount which we will discuss below. To qualify for the rebate, you must complete two or more of the listed energy upgrades.

3. Your home will be re-assessed for improved energy efficiency.  

4. Once Enbridge receives the report from your second energy efficiency inspection, they will calculate your rebate and send you the money.

What kind of rebates do they offer?

1. Enbridge will give you up to 550$ to cover the cost of the energy efficiency assessments.  

2. Up to 500$ for upgrading to a more energy efficient gas furnace.

3. Up to 200$ for upgrading to a more energy efficient water heater.

4. There are also a multitude of non-HVAC related rebates available, such as for insulation, windows, and air sealing.

5. The minimum number of upgrades required is two, but if you install more upgrades you can be eligible for 250$ for each additional upgrade (on top of the item specific rebate).

For more information and a full list of available rebates, visit:

This rebate system allows you to choose which company you want to complete the upgrades and we suggest you consider Pro Duct Solutions for the installation of your new energy efficient HVAC appliances. We have a wealth of experience with energy efficient appliances and their installation and maintenance. We understand how to optimize your home for the greatest efficiency at the lowest cost.

Energy Savings Rebate Program

This program is offered by Environment and Climate Change Canada and is available all across Ontario. This program offers funds to participating retailers which allows them to offer the consumer point of sale rebates on a large variety of ENERGY STAR certified appliances.

Receiving this rebate is straight-forward. Simply find a participating retailer and purchase one of their qualifying appliances. The rebate is instant and you can save hundreds of dollars on a new, energy efficient appliance.

For example, you could end up benefiting from a rebate of up to 1000$ on the purchase of a new ductless air conditioner or tankless water heater, both of which are units that Pro Duct Solutions has the experience and knowledge to install in your home.

For a full list of possible rebates, visit:

Energy efficient appliances are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while also saving you money on your home energy bills. Call Pro Duct Solutions, we’re experts in efficient home systems and can help you along your efficiency journey. When you combine our affordable prices with one or both of the rebates listed above, you are ensuring that you get the absolute best service and appliances for your money.

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