How Does Central Air Conditioning Work?

Central Air Conditioner

We all know that summer in Ottawa can be hot and humid. That’s why you need a reliable home air conditioner. There are many different systems to choose from and the key is finding the right option for your home and your family. That’s where Pro Duct Solutions can help; one call to us and you’ll have all your air conditioning questions answered.

One excellent option for your home cooling needs is a central air conditioner. Some people may think that a central air conditioner is a luxury that few can afford. This is simply not true, especially when you have the installation done by Pro Duct Solutions as we strive to provide the absolute best service for an affordable cost.

How a Central Air Conditioner Works

A central air conditioner is more than just the outdoor unit, there are a few other pieces to the system. Central air also uses your ductwork, furnace, and thermostat.

1. When the temperature in your home rises above the set temperature, the furnace pulls hot air through the ductwork.

2. The air is then drawn across a coil filled with refrigerant which cools the air.

3. Then the cold air is circulated throughout your home.

4. At the same time, the heated refrigerant is sent to the outside unit which then uses the outdoor air to cool it and send the heat away.

5. After this process is finished, the cooled refrigerant is pumped back to the furnace coil and is ready to produce more cold air.

6. This process is repeated continuously until your home reaches the desired temperature.

The Benefits of a Central Air Conditioner

While all air conditioners provide the benefit of cold air, each different kind has its own pros and cons.

-A central air conditioner saves space inside your home by having the main unit outside. Homes these days tend to have a lot of valuable storage space taken up by their appliances, from furnaces to hot water tanks, making free space hard to find. A central air conditioning system requires no additional in-home real estate which allows you space for other things.

-One central air conditioner will cool your entire home. Since the system uses your ductworks, you only need one unit that will pump cooled air throughout your entire home.

-You can control the unit using a pre-set thermostat. You can control the temperature in your home throughout the entire day. With a properly set thermostat you can have the unit off while you’re away but still have a refreshing home atmosphere by the time you get back.

-One of the amazing benefits of a central air conditioner is that your air will be filtered as it circulates through your home. Since this kind of air conditioner works in conjunction with your furnace system, it filters the air in the same way, passing it through air filters before sending it out into your home.

If you have questions about whether or not a central air conditioner system is the right choice for your home, please give us a call at Pro Duct Solutions and we would love to answer any questions that you might have.

Once you’ve selected the right unit for your home, call Pro Duct Solutions or make an appointment via our online booking tool. We can set up a quick and efficient installation which will have your house more comfortable than it has ever been. We offer high quality and friendly service, all at an incredibly affordable price.

Another thing to consider after having a central air conditioner installed, is making sure you schedule regular maintenance. Keeping your appliance properly maintained will save you money in the long run as it keeps the machinery running smoothly which keeps your energy bill low. It will also save you money as it prevents the necessity for surprise repairs.

From installation to maintenance, call Pro Duct Solutions for all of your central air conditioner needs.

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