How to remove cigarette smoke from your air system.

Removing Cigarette Smoke from Your Home

Cigarette smoke can linger for a long time in your home and air system. If you want to remove cigarette smoke from your air system, Pro Duct Solutions can help in a number of ways. Removing that cigarette smoke smell from your house is super important and this article is going to go over what can be done to restore clean and healthy air in your home.  

Try to think of your HVAC and duct system as being the respiratory system of your home. When someone has been smoking in a home, the smoke is flowing through the duct work and appliances. This causes the same smoke residue build-up in the home as it does in the body. Luckily, there are things Pro Duct Solutions can help you with to combat the smoke smell and build-up. There are even a couple things that you might be able to do yourself.  

The Problem with Cigarette Smoke

Not only does cigarette smoke have an unpleasant smell, but the residue and chemicals involved can be bad for your lungs and overall health.  

The cigarette smoke smell can saturate objects in your home, like walls, wood furniture, window hangings, and even your brand-new flat screen T.V. This can be incredibly unpleasant and can even make it hard to sell your home. Now, it’s easy enough to clean your drapes or the pillows from upholstered furniture by throwing them into the washing machine, but if you haven’t had your air system cleaned at the same time, there’s no point in cleaning anything as the smoke is being circulated throughout your home, re-saturating your belongings with smoke.  

Other items in your home can’t be put into a washing machine. The best thing to do is to prevent that cigarette smoke smell from lingering in your home in the first place. Ventilation and air purifiers are an excellent solution for smell and residue prevention.  

Secondhand smoke, and cigarette smoke residue can both be bad for your health. It can cause thing like asthma and emphysema. Good news is that there are things you can do to limit the smoke in your home and any potential illness tied to it. You want to make sure that you have proper venting throughout your home, as welling as keeping the whole air system clean and properly maintained.  

Start by Opening Windows

One simple thing you can do is open a couple of windows to get some fresh air circulating in your home. It can also dilute the smoke itself, so there’s less cigarette smoke being circulated throughout your home. However, opening a window might not always be a viable option, think about standing by an open window in an Ottawa winter. This is where an HRV system can come in handy. These are amazing appliances and do so many things for the air in your home: ventilation, heating, energy usage reduction.  

Do Air Purifiers Get Rid of Smoke Smell?

A good HEPA air purifier can help with the removal of cigarette smoke from your air system. HEPA filters were actually originally designed to protect scientists when doing nuclear testing, they’re incredibly efficient at filtering out chemical toxins. Combine the HEPA filters with activated carbon filters and you can achieve a major reduction in the cigarette smoke and residue throughout your home.  

How Can an HVAC Technician Help?

  • Duct Cleaning: This a major step to removing cigarette smoke from the air system in your home. Cigarette smoke can over time cause the build-up of toxins and even tar in your ducts. All the air in your home passes through your vent work at some point, this means that all the air you breath is passing over these built-up toxins. A registered HVAC technician can remove all of that residue from your vents and make sure the air being circulated through your home is as clean as possible.  
  • HRV Installation: The HRV system was mentioned briefly above, but that’s just because it’s such a useful appliance for anyone’s home. Is the best way to get fresh air from outside circulating throughout your entire home. It pulls stale or smoky air from your living spaces and releases it outdoors. At the same time, it pulls in the fresh air from outside to circulate in your home. It can even heat that fresh air using the heat that is offput by the stale air on its way out. Keep the heat while refreshing your air!
  • Steam Cleaning: The best way to remove smell and discoloration caused by cigarette smoke from soft items such as carpets and upholstered furniture is by having the items steam cleaned. You can rent a steam cleaner and go about the project yourself, but when you hire a technician to do it, they bring their equipment and expertise with them, saving you countless hours of frustrating, possibly messy work.  

What Can You Do Yourself?

To remove cigarette smoke from a house, a solution of vinegar and water is going to be quite helpful. Spray it on your hard surfaces like wood furniture, and hardwood floors to remove the smell. Another good thing to try with softer surfaces is to sprinkle baking soda on your couch or carpet, letting it sit for a bit, then vacuuming it all up.  

If you’re struggling to remove the cigarette smoke from your air system, contact Pro Duc Solutions. We can talk through your options and all the different ways we can help. We have the high-quality equipment and experience to help you improve the air quality in your home.  

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