Is duct cleaning worth it?

Is it worth it to get your air ducts cleaned?

The short answer is yes.  

We clean our floors when we can see they’re getting dirty, but what about our air ducts? If your ducts are installed properly, you’re not going to be seeing inside them that often, so you may wonder how dirty the ducts could actually be and whether it’s worth the money to have them cleaned. In this article, we’re going to go over what happens when your ducts are dirty, how much duct cleaning costs, and what expenses might pop up if your ducts go too long without maintenance.  

Why is it important to have clean ducts?

Have you noticed a dusty smell fill the air whenever your furnace turns on? Have you ever heard a rattling noise coming from inside your ductwork? What about seeing dusty build-up on your vents? These are all signs that your ducts need to be cleaned. But how exactly are those things negatively impacting you and your home?

First, we’ll start with the dusty smell. A good rule of thumb is that if you can smell, there are particles of that thing in the air. If you can smell dust in the air, there’s a pretty good chance you’re breathing it in as well. Some people might not be bothered by it, but for those of us with allergies, it can cause a constant stream of negative consequences. If you’ve noticed your allergy symptoms are acting up in the middle of winter, try changing your furnace filter, if that doesn’t help, you’ll most likely need to have your vents cleaned. Also, if there’s dust being put into the air, its going to settle on surfaces throughout your home.

A rattling noise coming from inside your duct work can end up being a big problem. From time to time, debris can find its way into your duct system and it may not always be able to find its way back out. Ducts are somewhat delicate as they’re designed to carry nothing more than air throughout your home. Debris in your duct system can easily cause wear and tear which will then require repair, much more than quick and easy cleaning.  

The most easily visible sign that your ducts need cleaning is the amount of dust build-up on your vents. The vent is the last stop when it comes to air flow in your home, if the dust build-up has made it there, it’s going to be a problem throughout the whole duct system. A thick coating of dust can restrict air flow and make your appliances have to work harder to get the air moving through the system. This can end up causing more money when it comes to energy costs.

How much does a duct cleaning cost?

Depending on the size of your home and the amount of ductwork you have, a duct cleaning can cost as little as $199. A home without pets, children, or smokers should have its ducts cleaned about once every 2-3 years. This means you would be spending only $66.33 on duct cleaning per year. Of course, if you have shedding pets, messy kids, or smokers, your ducts will need cleaning more often but it’s still not a huge expense when it comes to home maintenance.  

How much could duct repairs end up costing you?

There are a few different costs to consider when thinking about what emergency duct repair might cost you. It will depend on how many ducts need repair, how quickly you need them repaired, and how damaged they are. If you need immediate emergency repair, you will automatically be facing a base emergency price of at least $100. Depending on whether it’s a weekend or not and what time of day it is, this fee could end up be way higher. Then you’ll have to add on the base repair cost as well as the cost per vent. Even in the best-case scenario, for example a Monday morning at ten, you could still be looking at an absolute minimum price of $400 for the repairs. Plus, you’ll then still need to have the rest of the ducts cleaned to prevent the issue from happening again.

Compare that with a base price for duct cleaning of $199 for ten vents and $5 for every additional vent and the savings are clear. Especially when you’re only getting the vents cleaned once every couple of years. The small, planned cost of a duct cleaning can end up saving you hundreds down the line.  

What other costs might you face due to unclean ducts?

As was mentioned briefly above, unclean ducts can end up costing you more on your energy bill. Ducts are designed in such a way that air can flow through them with minimal effort. When they’re all clogged up with dust and debris, more energy is needed to circulate the air through your home. This is going to cost you more over time as your HVAC appliances use up more energy to heat or cool your home.  

If you think of a dust bunny, you might be able to imagine how well it can trap and retain moisture. This becomes an issue when the dust in your vents trap moisture and that moisture can provide a perfect home for mold to grow. Removing mold from ducts can end up costing way more than a simple duct cleaning.  

So, is it worth it to get your air ducts cleaned?

When you look at this question from a solely cost-based perspective, the answer is clear. It is absolutely worth having your ducts cleaned on a regular basis. You’ll pay a lower cost and you can schedule the maintenance around when you can best afford it. Otherwise, you may end up paying high rates at a time when you really don’t have the money.  

At Pro Duct Solutions, we have years of duct cleaning experience. We offer affordable rates and a variety of different packages; we will always be able to find something that fits within your budget and other requirements. There’s no better way to make sure your duct cleaning is worth it than calling Pro Duct Solutions.  

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