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furnace installation ottawa

Furnace Installation in Ottawa
From the moment human beings began to build themselves houses, they looked for ways to heat those houses. These early furnaces usually consisted of stones, mud, and fire. It has been thousands of years since the first furnace was installed in a home, and so furnaces, as well as installation methods, are a little more technologically advanced than they used to be.One thing that has not fallen out of favour since its invention has been the gas furnace. Of all the options for furnaces, the gas furnace has maintained a reputation as a favourite among home owners. One of the reasons for this, is its superior efficiency, but there are many more benefits to owning a gas furnace. You may be asking, "You mention benefits, but what are they?" The way to find out is to keep reading as we will discuss the main benefits in the rest of this article.

Benefits of switching to a Gas Furnace in Ottawa
1. The fuel used in a gas furnace burns cleaner than its coal or oil burning counterparts. The fuel in a gas furnace is produced from natural gas which produces very minimal waste when consumed as opposed to the ash and black soot produced by other furnace types. Since there is very little by-product of burning the fuel, a gas furnace releases far less waste product back into the environment, which minimizes the ecological harm involved in heating your home.
2. A gas furnace will take a shorter amount of time to heat your home to the level of coziness you require. Form the moment you turn on your gas furnace your home will begin to heat as opposed to an electric furnace which requires the use of a heating element that needs to warm up slowly. The instant a gas furnace is lit it begins to produce heat and fills your home with warmth the moment you need it most.

3. When you set up a supply of gas to your furnace, the gas doesn’t have to stop there. Much like electricity, gas is a power source that can be routed to other appliances in your home.  Other appliances in your home that may use gas are your stove, your water heater, even your clothes dryer. Buying a gas furnace doesn’t limit your home appliance options, it expands them as now you can choose between gas and electric for things that you use often.
4. Let us not forget about one of the most important and exciting benefits of gas furnaces, the fuel efficiency. Gas furnaces produce a lot of heat for a small amount of fuel so the average lifetime cost of operating a gas furnaces is much lower than oil or electric furnaces. With the installation of a gas furnace, you will be able to enjoy all of the heat without burning a hole in your budget.

furnace installation ottawa

There is one absolutely essential thing to keep in mind, however, if you’re looking to truly experience the full potential of all these amazing benefits. The proper installation of your new gas furnace is the most important step to achieving maximum house heating potential. Improper installation not only affects the fuel efficiency of your new high quality unit but it also has some pretty serious consequences for the overall safety of your heating system.
The best option for you, your home, and your new furnace is to hire professionals to handle the installation and maintenance of your new gas furnace. This is where we can help you.
At Pro duct solutions, we offer wide range of HVAC services in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Over the years gained the trust and patronage of numerous clients by demonstrating our skill and knowledge regarding the installation and maintenance of large appliances, including gas furnaces. We take the knowledge gained during each appliance installation and apply it to the next so we are always improving our methods and honing our skills.
We make sure to utilize the most up to date methods and tools when installing each and every furnace, as well as the rest of our HVAC services.  When you choose Pro Duct Solutions you can be assured that you are receiving the best service that current technology allows, we are a forward thinking company and we are always on the move to improve.
When it comes to furnace installation in Ottawa, we are quickly becoming a household name and we intend to keep the momentum going by providing five star service from start to finish any time we enter a client’s home or business. We offer top notch installation of Rheem furnaces in the Ottawa area at a very affordable rate, all without compromising on quality. We have the technological capacity and human expertise to efficiently provide service for all your HVAC needs.
Now that you’ve made the decision to purchase a new gas furnace and have it installed by the experts at Pro Duct Solutions, all you have to do is click on the “Contact Us” link. Once you’ve let our team of experts know what your needs are, you can sit back and watch as all your house heating dreams come true.
One of our foremost values has always been customer satisfaction and comfort. We are committed to providing you with the very best service

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