Air Conditioner Maintenance in Ottawa

June 24, 2019
Air conditioner
The coils, fins, and filters of your air conditioner require regular maintenance for the unit to perform as it should. If it does not receive the service that it needs, then there can be dramatic declines to its efficiency and effectiveness over time. You will receive less cold air and spend more on energy costs to get whatever output is achievable. If you are looking for an easy way to improve your indoor comfort levels during the hot days of summer, then these are the steps you will want to take this year.

5 Best Ways to Maintain Your Air Conditioner in Ottawa

The most critical piece of the maintenance puzzle for your air conditioner is the outside condenser. Most homeowners remember to clean the inside of their unit, but then they forget to take care of how air flows through the equipment in the first place. You must have the correct airflow coming through the condenser coils to maintain the product’s efficiency levels.

You will also want to add these chores to your list to maintain your air conditioner correctly.

1. Replace or clean your filters.

Dirty, clogged filters will block the normal airflow through the equipment. You might even have air bypass your filters to carry dust and debris directly to your evaporator coil. Should this issue occur, then it will reduce the heat-absorbing capacity of the unit. You can lower the energy consumption levels of your air conditioner by up to 15% by swapping out a used filter with a new one.

2. Eliminate debris near your condenser unit.

After you clean the outside condenser, you will want to eliminate potential dirt and debris hazards that may impact the performance of your air conditioner. Falling leaves, grass clippings from the lawn mower, and dryer vents are all familiar sources of contamination. Keep all foliage trimmed back about 1 meter to provide enough air to the unit.

3. Check the drain channels of your air conditioner.

You will want to check the condensate drains every so often to reduce the risk of a clog. Passing a stiff wire through the drainage channels can keep humidity levels lower so that your home doesn’t experience discoloration of the walls or flooring.

4. Use a fin comb to restore your coil fins.

There are aluminum fins on many condenser and evaporator coils with the modern air conditioner. They can sometimes bend, blocking the air from flowing through correctly. Use a fin comb or speak with a local professional about completing this quick repair.

5. Inspect the seal between the air conditioner and the exterior of the home.

Always check the seals between the exterior and interior of your home before starting your air conditioner for the season. Moisture can cause damage to it, which would allow the colder air to escape – causing your energy bills to be even higher.

Hire a Professional for Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

If your air conditioner needs a service that goes beyond your DIY skills, then it is time to hire a professional service technician. This investment will help you to find and repair any problems that exist with your system.

Our technicians will check your refrigerant levels, test for leaks, and repair any seal duct leakage that might exist. They will measure your airflow rate, check for wear-and-tear in the system, and verify that all operational sequences are performing as they should be.

A little proactive maintenance can go a long way toward prolonging the life of your air conditioner. Take these steps today to ensure that your indoor comfort investment can pay you dividends throughout the year.

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