5 Ways to Repair your Air Conditioner

January 14, 2021
Air conditioner

There are many problems that people can face with their air conditioning. Sometimes we are able to fix these problems on our own, sometimes they need the attention of professionals. In This article will talk about how to repair some of these problems that might likely affect your air conditioner.

Check Your AC Breaker Panel

When you notice that your air conditioner has stopped working, it might be a minor problem such as a blown fuse or the circuit breaker has tripped. You might not need to call on a technician to solve the problem. Checking your fuse box in your home and turning the power off for a few seconds before turning it back on can reset the power in your Air conditionner.

heating and cooling thermostat

Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Calling For AC

Sometimes an air conditioner just simply won’t turn on, do not panic. Check the unit outside in order to determine whether the condenser is functioning. Make sure the unit is plugged in and your thermostat is working. Usually you want to set the thermostat from 5 to 10-degrees. The thermostat must be set to cool in order to be sure if it is working. Your compressor might  have developed a fault with the capacitor. It is then due for a repair by a professional or must be completely replaced with a new one.

replace furnace filter

Inspect Your Furnace Air Filter & AC Coil

Another fault is when you discover that your air conditioner is turned on and the thermostat is appropriately set but the system is not cooling. This may be a result dirt or blocked condenser coils. To solve this problem we must examine the outside unit first, clean around and remove any rubbish or weed that are causing a blockage for the flow of air. Also by checking the filter to ensure it is clean. Sometimes when the filter is dirty, it will block the air to the evaporator coil to the extent of making the coil freeze. If you run your air conditioner often, you may need to replace your filter regularly. To check the filter, pull it out and check if you can see through it.

dirty air conditionner coil
Dirty A coil (evaporator coil)

Lack Of Refrigerant Or The Wrong Size Air Conditioner

Whenever you discover that your air conditioner is on and set appropriately but still, it is not cooling to your satisfaction, this means your unit might not be sized properly for your home or environment. The system needs to be a specific size in ratio to how big the home is in order to keep the environment cool. The average system is supposed to maintain 20-25 degree in as a difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature. Your air conditioner is created to keep the environment at about 20 degrees indoor while it is 35 degrees outside.

Contact The Professionals at Pro Duct Solutions

It is advisable to contact professionals who will help you maintain the function of your air conditioner in order to avoid damages.

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