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January 14, 2021
Air conditioner

If you’ve ever spent the summer in Ottawa before, you will know exactly how important a properly functioning air conditioner can be. There is nothing more disappointing in the middle of a heat wave than to realize that your AC is no longer producing cold air. The key is air conditioner repair.

Since it’s important for your air conditioner to be fixed well and fast, you should call Pro Duct Solutions when your air conditioner is giving you trouble. We have highly skilled and friendly technicians who will fix your air conditioner and get you back to living comfortably in your home. There is nothing better than a local company who knows what locals need. Pro Duct Solutions is an Ottawa based HVAC company that knows about what people in Ottawa need for their homes.

How do I know if my AC is broken aside from the obvious?

We all know that an air conditioner needs repair when it stops producing cold air, but there are additional situations in which you may want to call for a repair.

Pay attention to your average energy bill. Does it seem higher than usual? This could be a sign that your air conditioner requires repair or other maintenance. A malfunctioning AC unit is far less energy efficient than a unit in top shape. This could lead to you paying for more than you should be when it comes to your energy bill. If you are finding that the charges are rising as quickly as the temperature, call Pro Duct Solutions to schedule your air conditioner repair.

Air conditioners generally serve a dual purpose in your home. They both produce cold air and pull the humidity from the air to provide you with the optimal home climate. If your house is the usual temperature but you still find moisture collecting where it shouldn’t, your air conditioner might need repair. This is a tricky one to notice as the cold air is still as refreshing as ever. If you suspect that your home is too humid but you’re not sure, you can call Pro Duct Solutions for air conditioner maintenance. A skilled technician will come in and assess your air conditioning unit to determine if repairs need to be done. They will make absolutely sure that your AC unit is functioning a peak performance before they leave.

Have you been hearing a strange rattling when your air conditioner turns on? This could be a sign that something isn’t right. Causes for strange sounds can range from detached or loose parts to debris that has entered your system. Air conditioning units will always produce a certain amount of noise but it should be a consistent low hum, if you are hearing anything else you should call Pro Duct Solutions as soon as possible. Banging, clanking, and clicking noises coming from your conditioner can be symptoms of serious issues and should be taken care of immediately.

What happens during the repair?

If you have now realized that your air conditioner is in need of repair but aren’t sure how the air conditioner repair process works, this next section should give you a better idea of what to expect when the technician comes to your home.

First they will most likely check your thermostat, they will want to make sure that your issue isn’t something as simple as a settings error or a malfunctioning thermostat. Another quick fix that the technician might explore is making sure your AC unit is switched on.

If neither of those avenues solve the problem, then they will delve into assessing the air conditioner itself. They will perform a rigorous and thorough check of all the different systems and parts within your air conditioning unit. Depending on the type of AC you have installed in your home, the technician will check things like refrigerant levels, wiring and electronics, and they will also check to make sure that you have the appropriately sized air conditioner installed in your home. Once these and many other checks are completed, the technicians will discuss with you their findings and your options for the air conditioner repair. At Pro Duct Solutions, it is important for us to ensure that you are fully aware of all costs and the amount of time the repair will take. A quote will be given to you before the repair begins. At that point, the technician will order any parts required and a follow-up will be scheduled for the repair work.

Before leaving, your technician will also discuss with you any applicable preventative measures you can take in order to keep your air conditioner in top shape.

How can I prevent needing another repair in the future?

The number one most important (and easiest) thing you can do for air conditioner maintenance is to regularly clean and replace your air conditioner filters.  This is a simple task that prevents a build-up of debris, which causes your AC to work harder to push air through the filter. When the unit has to work harder, more strain is put on the machinery and that will lead to needing air conditioner repair.

It’s also not a bad idea to schedule regular maintenance with Pro Duct Solutions. A technician can catch small issues before they become huge problems that cost more to fix. Since our rates are affordable, regular maintenance will save you money in the long run.

If you are looking for air conditioner repair in Ottawa and surrounding areas, then check out Pro Duct Solutions’ handy online booking tool, you can find a time to suit your schedule without even having to pick up a phone. Our technicians are ready to help you battle the heat and humidity by getting your air conditioner back into working order.

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